BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The Interview

Whew. That was not fun. Not fun at all. First of all, it's 90 degrees and muggy around these parts ... JUST the sort of weather that I want to be traipsing around in a dark suit ... not. Then, when I get there, they're still interviewing the previous guy and I had to sit out in the hall until 10 minutes past my appointment. Then I come in, the last of the candidates, and sit down at a big conference table with six middle-aged restauranteurs who are The Search Committee. I was at a significant disadvantage, as I had not been provided with ANY information on the organization or the official job description until just before they brought me in.

As it turns out they're REALLY looking for two people ... but they want those to be in one body. One person is the one who will build membership, increase public awareness, create web sites, newsletters, etc., etc., etc. and the other is the one who will manage the office and do all the association negotiation with suppliers on behalf of the 1300 members. Bleh. I'm definitely Guy #1, but I'd need a lot of ramp-up to get to be Guy #2. Frankly ... I don't know of any "Guy #2"s who can BE "Guy #1" effectively ... and I suspect that it goes the other way as well.

There weren't a whole lot of questions, but the ones that I had to field were not particularly constructive ... most concentrating on Eschaton and stuff about that. I did get to answer some "what do you think you would do about ..." things, which let me tap-dance on some off-the-top-of-my-head stuff. What I think I'll do is draft a letter and "ask for clarifications" while giving my ideas of how I think things should go.

Judging from the guy before me (who was, literally ... heard him talking to somebody at the elevator ... in his 70's!) they're having a hard time filling "the complete package" (I heard them grilling him about the newsletter/web stuff ... which he plainly had NO IDEA about), so I could well still be in the running for this.

If I do a good enough follow-up, maybe they'll hire me as a FREE LANCER to do their promotional stuff and then hire an office manager / contract negotiation guy to manage the association. THAT would almost be an ideal situation ... I'd be able to work from here and still have some bucks coming in!

Anyway ... I'm disappointed and sweaty. Hope this wasn't a total waste. Thanks to everybody for the good wishes ... keep 'em coming!

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