BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

still no power ...

The Wife really needed to get on-line to electronically pay bills for the Tutoring biz, so I managed to "pirate" some juice from the hallway (a lot of folks have been leaving their cell phones out there over-night) as the building did bring in generators to keep the elevators running and have light & A/C in the hallways (and the outlets working). I got a 15' appliance cord and have it running under the back door right to The Wife's "office" niche. Since she's presently dealing with Daughter #2 (who is throwing a fit about going to the pool), I figured that I'd check the set-up and hop on line.

Once again (like on my laptop last night) I'm on dial-up, so I'm not likely to be doing much surfing through my F.L., but I figured I'd shoot a note to y'all.

We've been trying with coolers and ice to save the contents of the refrigerators and freezers, but it looks like that's going to be a total loss. As The Wife was saying as we pulled soggy meat out of the back freezer ... just our luck that she'd go grocery shopping the day before the power went out!

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