BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"That's OK, I'll sit in the dark!"

Well, the sun's back up. Which means we can see/read/etc. but also that it's going to be pretty toasty in here soon. We had hoped that the back freezer would keep cold (everything in that had been solidly frozen) but things were starting to get soft, so we now have THREE large styrofoam chests with the more pricey bits of meat, etc., the dairy and other stuff that would likely go bad quickly, and, of course, The Wife's wine getting re-iced every morning (which is costing us about $15 a go for the ice at this point). Needless to say, we'd only counted on having to do that for a day or so, not a whole friggin' WEEK! As it is, all the "packaged" frozen stuff is ruined, as is most of the "random" stuff in both refrigerators.

Yesterday we checked with our personal insurance and found that there was a $500.00 deductable, which means that we're pretty much screwed on that (it's one of the reasons we've not moved out to a hotel). There may be something we can do via the over-all condominium association's policy (as far as recouping costs of lost food and our various necessary restaurant meals over the past several days). Of course, by the time we find out that we maybe could have charged a hotel stay to that insurance, we'll have power back. However, at this point, we don't "feel lucky" about running up several hundred dollars worth of a hotel bill, only to be stuck with it ourselves. Like the title of this post, which is the answer to "How many Jewish Mothers does it take to change a light bulb?", we'll suffer through the hassle.

The latest news is that the lower floors, 30 and below, are likely to get power back sometime today, while those of us above 32 will have to wait for a replacement buss for the parts that blew out on Sunday. Their earliest guess for when we'll be back up is Thursday afternoon.

So, what happened? First of all, for context, we live in a 52-story building with like 660 units in it ... so it's a BIG place with complicated systems. That said, the rest of the story spins out like the classic Mongolian Clusterfuck:

A month or so back they put in a brand-new "thingy" on the roof via a helicopter (see mark40e's pic of them working on it:, which I guess was a new part for the A/C system. We suspect that the installation of said "thingy" was the ultimate cause of this problem.

Anyway ... when the A/C started cranking, the water run-off ended up in pipes that were both somewhat clogged by scale (and should have probably been replaced as part of the new installation) and had somehow picked up some pebbles from the roof, further blocking them. This caused a back-up of water which then ended up running down the ELECTRIC BUSSES, eventually frying them down around the 32nd floor. Unfortunately, the insulation on the busses got soaked, and until that all is dry, ComEd won't even deal with the situation, let alone put the power back on.

So, today the contractors are supposed to be coming in with big air guns to try to dry all that out. Of course, it's been humid and rainy and shit, so the "drying out" is a bit of a challenge, so we may still be stuck like this into the weekend. Bleh!

Again, as noted yesterday, I "pirated" some power into the back area here which lets me get The Wife's computer up (and get our cell phones recharged, etc.), but I'm feeling less "guilty" about it and more "it's the LEAST they could fucking do!" about it!

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