BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Highrise living ... without power ...

So, you were wondering just what it LOOKS like to have a big ol' highrise building with no juice? Here it is:

Obviously, there are a couple of apartments there which were "overdoing it" with the extension cords out into the hallways (which were, with the elevators, getting power from a generator) ... which, by the time this pic was taken (on Monday night, day 8 with no electricity) was very explicitly a "no-no" (the Fire Department had come through the building and made a stink about it). Before we bailed, we'd been tapping that for an hour at a time or so to catch up on e-mail or to charge the cell phones, but some folks were hooking up their refrigerators to that, and I knew that was going to be trouble. It does seem that some folks just went ahead and were running all their lights and TV off of that anyway.

Being that this is an apartment building, most of those windows usually are lit up at the hour this was taken (about 9pm) ... but it probably looks freakier to me than it would to others, since I'm used to seeing it with all the lights on.

Anyway ... I liked how this shot came out. It has both a street light and the moon for highlights, and the top of the building is catching ad spotlights from up on Division Street. I had to edit this a bit to get it this bright, but how it looks here (on my monitor, at least) is pretty much how it "looked to the eye".

I just downloaded a couple of weeks worth of pics from my camera, so you might be getting to see some more stuff in here over the next day or so!

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