BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

As promised, more agony for your reading pleasure!

Hurry, hurry, hurry ... see the broken creature writhe ... hear its anguished screams as it tries to make sense of a hateful crushing world! Fun for the whole family ... and it's free for you right here!

                    ALL THINGS ASKEW

                    a chaos wrought
                    of pointless action,
                    mindless whirl;
                    no controlling,
                    no focus zone,
                    descent to madness
                    without escape

                    unmeasured angles
                    always down,
                    all things' decline,
                    our course within
                    destruction's sway,
                    our vector frozen
                    unto that dark

                    the frame of loss,
                    a context set
                    with only absence,
                    negative sums;
                    nothing grows,
                    all is broken,
                    bleeding, battered in defeat,
                    biding on oblivion

                    and these returns,
                    so bitter, low,
                    we can not fit
                    our presence in this maze,
                    a puzzle reject
                    that won't belong
                    which lies unfitted,
                    a stranger without home

                    how far, how deep
                    can this be traced?
                    when was the breaking
                    that set all things askew?
                    when did diverge
                    the poisoned fate,
                    the curse's shove
                    off our true path?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2006 by Brendan Tripp

Satisfaction guaranteed ... we'll sell you sticks to help it bleed.

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Tags: poetry
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