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Some more pictures ...

Yeah, I just wanted to get these posted before they "got stale" ... after all, it's a cold day in Hell when I actually get pics from the camera, into my laptop, organized, selected, onto a floppy, and transferred over to this machine to be able to share with the world (such as my "LJ world" is).

This one's the Sears Tower (duh!) as seen from down by Soldier Field. I'd been down to Burnham Harbor a couple of Sundays back to interview with the cruise ship (that eventually hired somebody else ... but it's been my ONLY "call back" yet so I guess that's at least something) and shot this on my way back up to towards the "Museum Campus" to get a bus back to the Loop. I don't typically see the Sears Tower from this angle, so found it interesting ... the bird crossing the picture adds a nice (if unplanned) touch as well. This was a few hours before we lost power for 8 days ... ah, the innocence of that time!

This was a week later, last Sunday, the day we did "touristy things" while staying down at the Hyatt (where there were desirable features like airconditioning, lights, and television!) ... we were casting about for things to do that evening and I suggested the classic Wendella boat tour that leaves from under the Michigan Ave. bridge (a block from the hotel). It was right about sundown and fairly hazy, so I didn't get many good shots, but this one (of the lighthouse out beyond Navy Pier) turned out pretty well.

Last, but quite possibly not least, is this Meerkat from the second day of The Wife kicking me and Daughter #2 out of the house last week. We'd been up at the Nature Museum, then wandered through what used to be called the Zoorookery, and came through the "secret door" into the north end of the Lincoln Park Zoo. I was, frankly, amazed that they'd done a total upgrade on what used to be the Elephant/Giraffe house (when this happened, I don't know), which now had all sorts of "environments" including one full of Meerkats. I missed the really great shot of another Meerkat sitting on his butt and smiling like a furry Ho Tai ... but he got "tackled" by another before I was able to frame/focus the shot, so this will have to do.

Well, that's all that I'd dropped into my LJ/PostPics folder this time ... I've been meaning on doing some additional (obsessive/compulsive) organizing of my digital photos, so you might be seeing more if and when I get around to that project.

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