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More of the same ...

Man ... this has been quite a few days. I'm a wreck. First that insanity with the interview (who knows where THAT is going?), and then this strange Fathers Day weekend. I ended up having to scrap my schedule today to take Daughter #1 to her swim class. Recently on Saturdays I've been presiding voer Daughter #2's nap, and hence am able to get some serious work done during the day, but today The Wife thought a picnic and "entertain daddy" time was in order, but #2 is NOT good to have at the Health Club where #1 has her swimming lessons, so I got #1 on the bus and she walked #2 down there in the stroller. We then were to meet them at the fountain out in front of Navy Pier, after having picked up some lunch. If this was not complicated enough, I'd had an early-morning call from the blood bank looking for donors (they're in an "emergency" mode right now, the local supplies are down to zip), and I made a 2:30 appointment. Well ... after lunch we went on over to Navy Pier, The Wife taking the girls to the Children's Museum, and I cut out to go give blood. Unfortunately, when I got there my blood pressure was WAY up ... it usually is right at the dividing line where they will or won't take it (the last time it was fine, though) ... but today it was high, and only got higher from my sitting around for 5-10 minutes. Oh well ...

Anyway ... wrote this in the morning. I almost NEVER write in the morning, but took advantage of #1's swim class time to pull out the notebook.

                    NO PRAYERS TO SAVE, NO HOPE TO FREE

                    such desperation...
                    dawn comes calling
                    with panic,
                    dire messengers
                    of disasters wrought
                    of too much trust
                    too much believing
                    in what we had

                    these layer
                    with pre-existing angst,
                    build up strata
                    of anguish, stress, and dread
                    into some complex
                    which can not have a name
                    except for "break-down"
                    or possibly just "death"

                    no plans find fruition
                    no hopes realize
                    yet every fear
                    shows up full-formed
                    and right on schedule
                    in mundane grids
                    every terror
                    arrives on time

                    we grow so sick
                    of endless evil fate
                    waves of nausea
                    fill the day
                    when faced with worlds
                    full of monsters now made real
                    and nightmares only strengthened
                    by every new-found morn

                    descending doom
                    has built a pit
                    that nothing can escape
                    we are cast into these depths
                    with curses and abuse
                    no means exist within the real
                    to pull us out
                    and none care for our pleas

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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