BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Fresh poetry ... gitcher fresh poems here ...

Oooh, look ... I am a Model of Efficiency, getting a poem up on the web mere hours after having finished writing it! Lucky you, my silent readers! Lucky you.

                    A SPIRAL LEADING DOWN

                    the uselessness
                    the empty
                    all acts a waste
                    all motives blind
                    a dream-run,
                    no traction,
                    we can't escape
                    we can't achieve

                    around in circles
                    is not enough,
                    this is a spiral
                    leading down,
                    drawing tighter
                    with fewer options,
                    fewer ways
                    to delude with hope

                    we've always raced
                    the treadmill track
                    not asking where it led,
                    but belief has fallen,
                    we no more trust
                    our efforts having worth,
                    all things are hollow
                    this road leads to nowhere

                    why struggle
                    when the game is rigged?
                    why strive
                    when chained to stone?
                    better to prepare to die
                    to save some dignity
                    from a pointless life
                    otherwise such failure

                    toward the center
                    inertia forms,
                    our circling
                    resolves a vector
                    which is descent
                    which has destruction
                    as its end
                    with no chance of reprieve

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2006 by Brendan Tripp

Now, wasn't that fun? ... sure it was.

After all, it's not you, and that's gotta be worth something.

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Tags: poetry
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