BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Happy Fathers Day ...

To me.

Well, it's actually sort of been Fathers Day all weekend, as noted in previous posts. We started with taking Friday off to have The Girls take me to the Cubs game, and we're going out to Brunch with my mom today. I got my FAVORITE Fathers Day gift this morning ... the little black folding "talking picture frames" from Radio Shack with pics of the The Girls and a little comment from each (of course, "comments" from #2 are still in the "DAAA!" stage). According to the package, the chip in these things should keep the message for 100 years ... so no matter how old I get, I can push that button and hear my daughters' "little girl voices" telling me how much they love me ... I can't think of any nicer gift! I also got a baseball-bat shaped bottle of sunflower seeds and a video of "Elmo's Magic Cookbook".

Since my dad died when I was 2, Fathers Day was always something that other people celebrated ... and, of course, this whole "father thing" has been one long improvisation. At least I don't have any "bad cycles" (if there were any there) to pass down to the Girls. Dang. Now I want to drive up to Wisconsin to bring them to his grave. (sigh) We'll have to schedule a road trip one of these weekends.

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