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Panoramas ...

I never can quite get panoramas to work for me. I never have the patience to "get into" my cameras and figure out how to shut down the auto, so each panel ends up with a different balance. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue how (or if) one can set "manual" stuff ... I guess I might have to actually open the manual one of these days. Bummer.

Anyway, a while back (May 6th) it was one of those perfect clear days and I thought it looked so pretty out the windows that I'd try to shoot a panorama of our livingroom view ...

This is about a 180° swing, from NW at the left to SE at the right, with the corner of our livingroom at the center, pointing NE. I've posted this slightly smaller than the actual image (to keep it from screwing up most folks' Friends List) so if you do a "view image" (in Netscape/FireFox) you'll get a bigger pic.

Needless to say, this sort of sucks. Aside from the exposure issues in the five panels, the perspective is all over the place ... I wonder how to make that less of a factor ... maybe if I shot like 15 vertical panels, the angular shift would be less from pic to pic. I tried doing "stitch" in Corel's photo editor, but it was trying to ignore the uprights in the NE corner and make that one uniterrupted wall of window ... which looked sort of freaky and ghost-like.

Oh, well ... at least you can get a sense of that 90° or so of lake horizon that I love so much ... one of my greatest fears in our current financial melt-down is that we'll end up losing the condo ... and I never want to move away from this view!

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