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Road trip ...


These college buddies of mine have been doing a party ("The Turkey Roast") every summer up in Door County for 29 years now (I probably did an entry about it last summer), going back to their highschool days. I got involved about 20 or so years ago, and for a while it was a key part of my summers. However, the addition of The Wife and The Girls (although we did attend one year when Daughter #1 was very small, and well before Daughter #2) put the brakes on, and I hadn't made it up there for maybe a decade until last year.

Last year I dragged The Girls up with me on a bit of an "adventure" ... and they loved it, especially as there were various "second generation" kids around for them to play with. Of course, being the sullen, cranky, anti-social person that she is, The Wife has steadfastly refused to go along ... much preferring a weekend without us to a weekend with us "on the road" and a party with folks that she knows only peripherally ... so it will again be just The Girls and me.

What I found astonishing is that, given that the party this year is on the weekend before the 4th of July, I was able to find an Enterprise "weekend special" rate (this one Enterprise location on the far Northwest side must not have gotten the memo that, obviously, had gone out to all the other offices that they were supposed to triple their charges because it was a holiday weekend) for a car and got a still-cheap Motel6 room up in the Great White North. Total cost for car and hotel: somewhere around $200.00 ... not what I really would like to be spending (given our current total lack of income), but cheap enough to make it a plausible excursion.

All of this just fell into place over the past 36 hours or so, too ... which is why I'm sort of stunned that it's happening ... usually stuff like this doesn't get my "uh, was I supposed to be doing something about this?" notice until a week or so after the thing's over!

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