BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Exhausted ...

Back in from another bartending gig. I'm sort of pissed that I got pulled off of one assignment that would have included tips on Thursday night, to work this gig tonight, which was half the time and no tips.I really really hope this one place I applied to this week (and had a very good pre-interview) hires me, it will only be for three nights a week (it's a high-end restaurant that's only open six nights a week), but it would be steady. This temp stuff is really sucking ... they're only giving me like one assignment a week, and then somewhat jerking me around with flip-flopping my assignments, and somehow it's always from something with a lot of hours and tipping to something with fewer hours and no tips. Bleh. I hate this shit ... I really hate this shit ... I just wish I had a "plan B" (or "plan N" because this bartending crap is pretty far down the alphabet of plans at this point), but I've run out of ideas ... I can't get hired for ANYTHING. Sucks to be me ... that's for sure.

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