BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Father's Day ...

Well, I obviously (given the hour I got in on Saturday night), was pretty sleep-deprived yesterday ... The Wife held off the onslaught until about 8:30am, when I got up to use the washroom. I got a bunch of presents, mainly food (some cheeses from the farmers market, a gift certificate to a local gourmet shop, some Caramel Cremes, and beef jerky), but also a gift certificate to buy some time from Geek Squad to get what's ever wrong with my old system sorted out and get the stuff I need off of that.

The Girls and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle until #2 had to go to her art class, so #1 and I spent a couple of hours more on that. Usually #1 goes with them and they have lunch somewhere before coming back, but we were going to grab lunch and see a movie. They opted for Heaven On Seven, a cajun place right downstairs from the movie theater and I had a real yummy (if genre mixed) Jamaican Jerk Chicken Etouffe. The Girls were wanting to see Nacho Libre, but they let me off the hook on that, so I got to (finally) see X-Men 3 ... see following review.

We came back home for a bit and then headed out to dinner ... one of my favorite places is Standard India up on Belmont, which has a buffet for both lunch and dinner, only I don't get to go there very often because neither of The Girls appreciate Indian food as yet, and The Wife, while she likes it, usuall begs off on the basis of it being "too heavy". However, as it was Father's Day, they were willing to put aside their reluctance and let me have at that buffet. We stopped off on the way to get me a six pack of O'Doull's Amber, which was perfect with dinner (and which I still have four bottles of!). When we got home The Girls presented me with a cake with a couple of dozen candles spelling out "DAD" ... of which I was only able to handle an itty-bitty piece after the buffet indulgence.

Not a bad day at all ... two of my favorite cuisines, a bunch of yummy stuff, and hanging out with my daughters doing something that I found interesting (it was a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle ... about 5x what they usually work on!).

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