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The day ...

Well ... we skipped church which eased up the schedule a good deal. I hate doing this, since we've been so involved up there, but there was no way that daughter #2 was going to be good at brunch with her Nana if we dragged her off there, and just having me and daughter #1 go would have run into the complication of a pot-luck going away party for the current interim minister. So, instead, we all hung out in bed until it was time for brunch.

I'm a real "foody" ... having grown up in the food industry (I'm a P.R. brat) ... and there were times in my life where I habitually ate out in restaurants 8-10 times a week. Our current state of financial ruin has put a REAL crimp in my dining patterns, and this is one of those hard to quantify stressors in my life. So, it was VERY nice to be able to go to the local French Bistro for a very nice meal. I started with a very well executed order of Escargot ... which were just perfect, while The Wife and my mom split a Charcuterie plate (which I got to pick at as well). I then had a very good chicken and mushroom crepe. Somehow I just wasn't able to convince either of The Girls to try my snails! However, #2 rather enthusiastically dug in to a "petite" version of the chicken/mushroom crepe while #1 (who is going through that "won't eat anything" phase) had scrambled eggs and country potatos (and, as if anybody cared, The Wife had a curried chicken salad that looked yummy, and my Mom had a poached salmon that she said was delightful). If you're in the Gold Coast of Chicago, I do recommend Bistro Zinc as a very well done "bistro" experience.

Anyway, we went back to my Mom's place (she lives right down the street) for a bit, where she had some gifties for The Girls (as she said "after all, if it wasn't for THEM you wouldn't be celebrating much of a Father's Day!") of some outfits she'd picked up. We eventually got back home and all headed down to the pool. Daughter #2 has been VERY pissed about #1 and me going swimming without her, and you could tell she was real excited about getting to go too (the problem being that The Wife has to come along if #2 is going in, and The Wife does NOT "do the pool" unless she absolutely has to). Nice day. Nice weekend. Unfortunately, now I am SO FAR BEHIND on everything that I think I'm going to have to set up an espresso IV drip at my desk to get me through the next couple of days!

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