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A very cool compilation ...

I really love Goth/Industrial compilations because I get exposed to a lot of bands that, being a geezer, I'd never encounter IRL. I have quite a number of these, primarily from "the usual suspects" (Cleopatra, Dressed To Kill, Projekt, etc.), however, in my recent "use up the Amazon gift certificate before it expires" shopping spree, I discovered a really knock-out collection called Dancing In The Dark which is a 10-year retrospective of a label that I don't recall ever hearing of ... Dancing Ferret (yes, seriously).

This collection has 17 cuts on one disc, and only two really stand out as crap. Now, I typically don't do a "review" of new music until I've played it to death, but in this case, I've been so enthused after just a couple of listenings, that I wanted to gush about it here ... however, don't hold me to the "15 of 17 cuts are kick-ass" impression, as the styles are all over the board, and I may get sick of a couple of others after a half dozen plays (or not).

Anyway ... aside from this being a great compilation, it's way cheap! The Amazon retail for it is only $5.95 ... although I got a "new" copy from one of the Amazon new/used vendors for just $3.50 (plus shipping). It's a great deal either way ... If you were looking for something to push an order up into Amazon's free shipping zone, I'd highly recommend adding this CD!

By the way, if you were out there thinking "Gee, I wonder how Brendan did on using up the rest of that gift certificate?" (as if), I'll tell ya ... I got 4 books & 7 CDs (2 of which were 3-disk box sets), all from the Amazon new/used vendors and managed to use up the $84.54 that I had left to the penny! Yeah, I was pretty impressed too ... the last thing I ordered ended up being exactly (with shipping) equal to the last $6.24 on the credit ... go me!

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