BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More job search crap ...

OK, so the placement office only had one real new lead for me ... which was supposedly a bartending gig at a big hotel here, taking applications from 3-5 today in their HR department. I even asked for them to check that this was indeed a bartending gig when I had them on the phone, and they said it was. So, I get my shit together, head down to the hotel, and find out ... that it's a barporter gig ... schlepping ice and beer, etc. up to the bars. I don't know how the placement folks get their leads, but way too often I show up and find that they're looking for a cocktail server (yeah, lemme work on my "Bunny dip"), or a barback.

Not that I had anything better to do with my afternoon, of course. The only other lead I have for this week is out at O'Hare ... they're looking for bartenders (interestingly, they have one centralized hiring group for all the restaurants and bars out there), but I don't know how I'd feel about having an hour commute each way (it's about an hour door-to-door from here to O'Hare on a combination of the Red Line and the Blue Line).

I wish I'd hear from that top-end restaurant that I had a very good pre-interview with a couple of weeks back. I'm nervous that the longer it goes with not hearing, the less likely I'll be hearing good news, which is getting me pretty damned depressed.

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