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Heh ... I don't like to just trot out the Unicity Network products randomly here ... but the NEW "aphrodesiac" products are now available! One of the myriad of changes in the transformation of RSI into Uncity, is that in the RSI days, all the hot new products would be kept under wraps until the next convention, well, in the new deal, stuff just shows up on the web site when it's ready to ship! I was amazed to see these on the RSI web site today ... since I was expecting these to have been introduced at the National Conference down in Orlando, August 2-4.

The new products are called LoveRx™ and come in "his and hers" ... LoveRx™ for Women and LoveRx™ for Men!

Like all the new Unicity products, these have been through clinical studies ... and 84% of male subjects and 76% of female subjects reported improvements in their sexual performance/desire from using the respective supplements! I haven't been able to access the product info sheets yet ... but they've been very excited about this product ... it's the start of the whole new "Turn Back The Clock" line of anti-aging products coming out this fall!

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