BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I don't believe that I'm the first mentioning this ...

Watched a good chunk of the new "Blade" series on SpikeTV tonight ... I forgot that it was going to be on and ended up landing on it about half-way through the 2-hour pilot, so missed the "backstory" on all the various characters and had to "fill in" with what I remembered from what I've seen of the predecessor movies.

All in all, not bad ... after all, you're not going to get deep acting in a vampire/action show, but the dialog didn't make me cringe and the "look" and pacing were pretty decent. The one thing that did get a "WTF?" from me were some of the F/X ... the "now you've got bleeding/smoking open sores, now you don't" reaction to brief exposure to sunlight wasn't too bad (but was "iffy" in a how/why? basis), but the vampires going up like so much burning tissue paper when "staked" seemed weak ... I guess a quick generic flame-out like that saves a lot on the budget (vs. a more plausible age-decay-dust sort of demise), but it looked cheap in context, even if the effect itself was well done in frame.

There were a couple of other "super vampire power" moments that also looked less than convincing (like where the gal jumps from building to building towards the end ... it looked like a freeze-frame of her being superimposed over the background and shrunk as it was dragged along an arc), but the "flash paper" kill was the main dissonance I was having.

Anybody else watch this?

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