BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

The Fourth ... no pics, though

OK ... so I thought I'd have some groovy pics to share, but nothing was screaming "share me" when I downloaded from the camera ... oh, well.

The Chicago Historical Society (soon to be the Chicago History Museum) has been doing a 4th of July thing every year for the past 49 years, and it's pretty much "just up the street" (well, about 8 blocks) so we've made it up there almost every year since The Girls have been old enough to appreciate it. They have a lot of stuff for the kids, face painting, a craft tent, "old fashioned" games, a little parade, and tons of free 4x6" flags. There's also a live orchestra playing Sousa, etc., folks dressed up as Jefferson and Franklin doing historic readings, a Revolutionary War musket brigade, and some politician to give a "rousing patriotic speech" ... oh, and a guy in an Uncle Sam outfit on stilts. All this in a nice manageable 2 hour slot from 10 till noon.

For a change, the 4th was pretty nice, warm, but with a cool breeze ... The Wife decided that we should head over to North Avenue Beach to have lunch at Castaways, the restaurant at the boat-shaped beach house there. Following lunch The Girls played in the sand for a bit, then we walked down towards Oak St. Beach, where The Girls played some more in the sand (while I napped on a bench), and then we walked back home. The Wife took The Girls down to the pool, and I got a chance to do some reading (OK, so 30% reading and 70% napping).

The Wife had gotten in stuff to do an "indoor picnic", with hotdogs and hamburgers, etc. which went over better than I had suspected it would. We then headed out to see the Navy Pier fireworks, walking down to Chicago & LSD to get over to the lake ... there's no beach along there, just a lot of cement, but at the top edge there are "big steps" (about a foot or so high), which act as bleachers, in good position to see the fireworks. We'd missed the big show the City does on the 3rd, so this was a "consolation prize" ... unfortunately, it seems like Navy Pier didn't put on a bigger show than their usual 2-3 times a week fireworks, but at least The Girls got to see some ... the most popular being the new "smiley face" charges.

At this point it was like 10:30pm, and while The Girls and I were up for finding some Ice Cream, that's way past The Wife's bedtime, so she insisted that we just head home. I guess there was some strawberry shortcake involved at home (we're still working through that big flat of berries we brought back from Wisconsin), but that was pretty much it for the 4th. Aren't you glad you know how it went?

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