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Interesting ...

Yes, I obsess over my "Friend of:" count on L.J. ... so I notice when folks come and go ... and I also use the Joule program to keep track of comings and goings. Of course, I get all confused when one of those "mass add" programs (those ones that friend you for X hours and then de-friend you unless you've friended them in that time) slaps me onto the FL of folks I've never encountered.

What has me currently befuddled is that I've been added by a couple of people in the past few days, one is a "returning" LJ'r who'd deleted their journal a week or so back, one is a LJ'r with whom I have several mutual friends, and the other is a "WTF?", whose latest journal entry is full of comments from other people who were "mysteriously added". The odd thing is, that where the first two of these show up in the Joule listing, the third does not. The person lists a Russian site ( on both the profile and in their most recent post, and I'm wondering if this is both the "mass adding" vehicle, and something that is somehow masking that from the Joule record.

Anybody else been having any "weird shit" happening with their "Friends of:" lists?

{edit] "Curiouser and curiouser" ... it turns out that the "mystery person" does appear on the Joule list ... only it shows them adding my journal back in March ... now, while I may be a bit distracted at times, I do (as noted above) obsess a bit over the "Friends of:" thing, so I think I would have noticed this person had they been on that list for 1/3rd of a year! Also, I just noticed the name when the count went up in the past couple of days ... so something must be jerking around with the LJ Friending data.

Again, anybody else notice anything like this?

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