BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

oh, boy ... a poem!

Aren't you the lucky ones?! More poetry, freshly exuded from the nasty insides of my brain ...

                    UNLEASHED AS CARNAGE

                    so much violence
                    riles within,
                    every day,
                    a phantasm of bloodshed,
                    of killing, of revenge,
                    a non-stop cinema
                    of bottled rage
                    unleashed as carnage
                    there is nothing
                    to restrain resentment,
                    there is no chain
                    upon the beast
                    which seethes inside
                    with fiery eyes
                    and a lust for chaos
                    to salve its pain
                    these sufferings
                    have no escape,
                    they form a cone
                    of increasing ache,
                    an endless spiral
                    of crushing agony
                    all focused in
                    on obliteration
                    no worth, no value,
                    no point in life,
                    all emptiness, loss,
                    anguish and dread;
                    we descend
                    without reversal
                    to lower, darker,
                    meaner states
                    doomed to failure,
                    what will free?
                    there is no light,
                    there is no promise,
                    only veils and lies,
                    corridors to nothing,
                    mindless draining tasks
                    and no way to succeed

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2006 by Brendan Tripp

Fun, fun, fun ... just vat Herr Doktor ordered, no doubt.

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Tags: poetry

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