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Hey, all ... I know that I typically say that e-mail petitions "aren't worth the paper they're printed on" (hence I'm sending real letters following up on this), but I guess they're better than nothing, so I thought I'd pass this along. In the latest newsletter from the Libertarian Party of Chicago there was this little tidbit ... Ron Paul is trying to bring the Congress to its senses ... and we can help!

If government spending were limited to the amount spent in 1985, you
wouldn't need to pay any income tax. None.

Sound unbelievable? It's not. Please allow me to say it again, more
completely. The federal income tax accounts for only about one-third of the
amount of money the government spends. In 1985, the government spent about
one-third of what it does today. Therefore, if government spending were
limited to one-third (the amount the government spent only 15 years
ago) Americans would not need to pay income tax. None at all.

What can you do about it? Let your legislator know that you want them to
vote for H. R. 45. And you can do in easily, in a few minutes, on the
internet. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has introduced House Resolution
H.R. 45, the bill to repeal the 16th Amendment. H.R. 45 would therefore
abolish the income tax. You would not need to pay income tax anymore. None
at all. From now on. FYI, Ron Paul ran for U.S. president as a Libertarian
in 1984.

Did I spark a response from you? Do you think H.R.45 can't win? As Margaret
Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world.
God knows it is the only thing that ever has." But you have to be one of those
people. Enter your zip code at this site --
-- and take it from there.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for the good to do nothing."
(Edmund Burke)

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