BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


OK, so havin' kids around makes me aware of the trends in Happy Meal toys ... arrrgh! Just now McD's started up their Pirates of the Caribbean toys, which will be out for the next month ... we were lucky enough that our local one was starting with toy #2 ... the Aye Ball ... which is definitely the coolest of the current batch! It's worth it to order a Happy Meal (or a Mighty Kids Meal) to get one of these ... as it's basically a "Magic 8 Ball", but stuck inside a pirate skull ... you ask it a question, give it a shake, and then flip up the eyepatch to see what old bony face has to say ... "Nay, Scalawag!", "Walk The Plank!", "Yes, Me Heartie!" ... and various other pirate-speak answers. This one is going to be a classic "cool Happy Meal toy" ... and is well worth the price of the meal. Arrrgh! Don't say I didn't give you heads-up on this one!

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