BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Rough night ...

Ack ... had a nice productive evening PLANNED, with scheduled RSI phone calls, etc. etc. etc., then I get Daughter #1 screaming for me at my office door telling me that Daughter #2 had bashed her head on the headboard in the master bedroom. I still don't know how it happened ... The Wife was back there with her but was doing something else when she heard a loud "wham" and #2 was suddenly screaming and covered in blood. It turns out she busted open her face just above the eyebrow ... had a 2" gaping cut there ... sort of like the ones boxers get. The Wife was all "oh, it will be OK", but Daughter #1 still has a 1/2" scar on her cheek from an encounter with a coffee table when she was 2, and I didn' t want #2 getting a (much larger) scar like that from this. We got our shit together and hopped in a cab for Children's Memorial Hospital. A couple of hours of chaos later (there is only so much you can do to placate a 16-month-old with a bad owee in a hospital emergency ward) we got back, Daughter #2 having gotten six or seven stitches to close up the wound. Not a fun evening.

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