BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Too damn hot ...

I was going to wend my way downtown to fill out some applications today but I figured they'd wait for tomorrow, when it's supposedly only going to be making it up to the low 80's ... somehow coming in to apply soaked through with sweat did not seem like making the best impression!

This is at least going to let me get some other stuff on the job search front better organized (the weekend was a total bust as far as getting to any of these projects), so that's a plus.

I made some follow-up phone calls last week which have me depressed. A few weeks ago when I went in to interview with the Banquet Manager for this hotel, I thought I was hired (pending my paperwork wending its way through their HR department) ... I now find that I was just OK'd to have the background checks, etc., done and am only one of several people that they're looking at for that position. I'd been expecting a call to come in for orientation or something over the past couple of weeks, and now I find that the odds are I'm not getting the job. Bummer. I also called back on that "fine dining" restaurant that needed a half-time bartender ... while the manager (with whom I thought I'd had a very good initial interview) said the job had not as yet been filled, he certainly didn't sound encouraging about my chances (just how he phrased things and a certain hesitancy in his voice), which is also bumming me out.

Of course, in a world of cotton-candy unicorn farts, I might still get both those gigs, but at this point I'm sure as hell not holding my breath in anticipation, and am figuring that I'm back to square one again on the job search.

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