BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

strange vibes from the news ...

OK ... it's "Psychic Brendan" time (no, not "Psycho Brendan" time!) ...

Ever since the news has been reporting that this cruise liner, the Orient Queen is going to be heading to Beirut to evacuate Americans, the psi doorbell in my head has been going off like crazy. I'm real worried that this is some pre-cog tagging on the name, and that once they have that loaded up with Americans the Hezbollah bastards are going to sink it and it's gonna be the Lusitania all over again.

I wonder why the Media has been so insistant on repeating the name of the ship ... I mean, it really doesn't matter does it, from a news perspective? And, yet, every time I hear them say "the Orient Queen" something in my brain starts pointing at it and jumping up and down frantically. I feel like I'm stuck in Twelve Monkeys or something.

You gotta figure, though, that if the Islamofascist scumbags send a ship with 700-some Yanks aboard to the bottom of the Mediterranean, it might well be the "marker point" for the REAL start of World War III (or IV, depending on how you're counting), and things could get real ugly real fast if they could pin it on Iranian Revolutionary Guards and/or Syrian Intelligence operatives (Can you say "nuclear response"? Sure you can!). Needless to say, I hope I'm wrong on this, but figured I'd share my neurosis with you all!

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