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OK, so I "graduated" from Bartending School on March 13th ... and have been trying to get a job doing bartending now for four months. I have applied to over 80 hotels/bars/restaurants/cruiseships, etc. and have only gotten a less-than-one-gig-a-week temp deal and 3 callbacks (one of which resulted in that temp thing, one is still "up in the air", and one went with somebody else). I think I can safely say that I've FAILED in my quest to become a full-time bartender. This is not to say that I'm not going to be still applying places, but I'm at the point where I think (after eighty places have taken a pass on me!) that it's fair to say that it looks like the odds of my getting hired as a bartender are pretty slim.

I've been "stewing in my juices" about this for the past several weeks. Obviously, the whole "bartending thing" was a major step down from what's on my resume, and a significant waste of most of my supposedly "marketable skills". Unfortunately, I was plain out of ideas. Drawing a blank for a "Plan Z" to switch over to. Nada. "I got nuthin'"-land, big time.

Anyway, The Wife had suggested yet another new thing that I could get "retrained" in (that I could study on-line and do from home once certified), but I was less than enthused (although the particulars of it didn't seem too horrible), because, well, my track record with getting re-trained (and then being able to find work) is less than inspiring. So, before I jumped into that, I decided to have another go with a group that I'd worked with twice previously in this seemingly un-ending "find Brendan a job" quest ... a non-profit organization called the Career Transitions Center. I went down to their west Loop location this morning and had my "incoming" interview. The guy reviewed my previous files, checked out my current resumes, and listened while I detailed the sorry story of the past fifteen years of my life.

At least this guy was enthusiastic about my resume, my educational background, and my efforts (as pointless as they've been) so far, and indicated that he thought that they probably could do a lot to get me moving in the right direction. I have 3 or 4 workshops, networking events, and "coaching" sessions to get to next week, plus he suggested that I pick up (and work through) a copy of the delightfully-titled "I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This" which does seem to be a career-change book targeted to people in situations not vastly dissimilar to that in which I find myself.

I mean, if I was making decent money bartending, I could live with it ... but since that plan doesn't seem to be working out, I figure I'll give it another go (despite over five years of fruitless effort) on trying to find a "real job" which would make use of some combination of my Public Relations, Publishing, Meeting Planning, Programming, etc. skills, and hopefully get me back to earning a professional salary.

Anyway, picking up the aforementioned book was what had me up at the Michigan Avenue Borders, and led me to go have the delightful lunch detailed in my previous post.

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