BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

some good, some bad ... OK, more bad

(sigh) This job search thing is grinding me down. As I noted previously, since the Bartending job search has begun to look pointless (I mean, come on ... I've applied to over 80 places over the past 4 months and have managed to get nothing but a temp deal that coughs up maybe one gig every two weeks), we'd figured that I might have to re-train again for something else. However, I figured I'd go back for one more go at trying to get a professional job before throwing in the towel and going for what is, essentially, just a data-entry job.

So, last Thursday, I got myself down to the Career Transitions Center for another round of "coaching" and classes and networking and whatnot (this is my third time in the past six years of trying to use their services). My "incoming" session went well enough, but you've read my rant (or more likely not) on the book they suggested. Today I was down there for another "coaching" session, but this was more depressing. It doesn't help that I have to spend half of each session just to get the individual coach "up to speed" on my convoluted work history, but today I hit one of my worst peeves in this whole "job business", the idea that if we just change the resume, everything will be hunky-dory.

Dude ... I have had been through three sets of shit with CTC, I've been through two school placement groups, I've spent a ton of money on "career management" consultants, if it was the fucking resume we wouldn't be having this conversation. What I need is an extra few brains with a fresh set of ideas who will come up with the "you would be perfect in this job that so-and-so has been trying to fill!" answer that I'm looking for, or at least some concepts of where I would best fit in the current employment matrix! But noooooo .... gotta try another variation on the resume. How pitiful ... how fucking depressing.

I would, however, be a LOT more bummed out had I not stopped off to pick up a lotto ticket and ran my past couple of weeks' through the reader ... on one of my $1 quick picks I'd gotten three numbers, which would normally be a whopping $7.00 pay-out, but right now the MegaMillions has a promotion where all the minor wins are tripled, so I got $21.00! That covers my lotto wagers for 10½ weeks ... which is sure better than the usual kick in the teeth!

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