BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, my GOD! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!

Fucking hell ... it things weren't bad enough ALREADY ... if I didn't already need 72 hours in a day to keep up ... now THIS?

I get an e-mail last night from Winstar, which is the big communications group that bought out MCS.NET (one of Chicao's biggest independent ISPs) a few years ago. They tell me that they're getting out of the dial-up business and that I (and I assume everybody else who has an account) has until TODAY (yep ... mere HOURS worth of warning) to tell them if we don't want them to switch us over to Earthlink next month. AND, we only have until the end of July to move everything from out MCS.NET ftp-space to someplace else and "tell our friends and family about our new e-mail address". EXCUSE ME? I have been on the Internet for a LONG TIME and I have had "" as my MAIN address since 1995 ... there are HUNDREDS of things that I'm registered with using that ... stuff that I really have no idea of how to track down and change the contact info on ... let alone TENS OF THOUSANDS of printed pieces with that e-mail address! Why do all these damn companies ASSUME that everybody's been connected for 15 minutes? I have SIX YEARS worth of contacts that use this address, and MOST of the IMPORTANT ones require that I somehow dig up passwords and stuff and fill in forms on various sites to CHANGE the contact info!

These motherfucking asswipes act like they're being endlessly magnanimous in offering 30 days of e-mail forwarding. THIRTY DAYS? I'm going to need SIX FUCKING MONTHS at minimum to get this caught up with! Damn them to fucking hell ... they should be glad they're off in some cubicle farm in some faceless office complex in some cookie-cutter corporate suburb of some lame-ass shit-hole second-tier city, since if they were in arm's reach I'd rip their fucking lungs out and use them for bags to store the putrescent entrails I'd be ripping out of their idiot supervisors' torsos!


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