BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm back ...

Sheesh. Well, about $200 and one nasty fall off a ladder later, I have DSL in here again.

I had to completely change how I was getting it to my desk, as the previous system (H-something, that used regular phone cables and connected via a USB jack) isn't being provided by the latest 2WIRE modem/routers. Since I can't get the wireless signal in here (although it's under 30' from the box), I ended up having to get a bunch of ethernet cable and run a line back here. It's currently just "thrown up" with packing tape, but I'll eventually run it through the same cable channels I put up along the ceiling to get the phone line from here to the box. I just need to make bigger holes in the walls (and get new pass-throughs) to accomodate the RJ45 connectors over by the modem/router.

The techs at SBC/Yahoo/AT&T who were helping me get this stuff working last night said they'd try from their end to re-set the controls on the modem/router so that I could set it for different channels (it only offers 3 right now) and a higher signal strength (it only goes up to 4 currently ... the guy wanted me to try 10 ... at that point I was sorely tempted to get all Spinal Tap on him and suggest we try to push it "all the way up to 11").

I was glad that I got out of the house at 7am, though, for the CTC morning session ... not only did I get a free book from the speaker ("Why Ireland Never Invaded America" by Conor Cunneen), but I got button-holed into volunteering for a committee for a program the CTC is doing in 3 weeks. I know, that doesn't sound like a good thing, but within a 2½-hour period, I sat through a planning meeting, designed a promotional hand-out, and printed said hand-out, which would have been good-to-go, but for them not being able to find their paper cutter. A lot of comments like "Wow, you work fast!", and "That's great copy ... just perfect!" and "Who did this? Brendan? That's super." ... needless to say, if the word gets around that I'm a "promotional materials whiz" it can only help my job search ... well worth a couple of hours of my time!

Speaking of job searches, I called in to the Temp group to see if there were any bartending gigs on the horizon for this weekend (there weren't), but they did say that the hotel had called checking my references and they'd given me a glowing recommendation, so hopefully that part-time banquet bartender gig will still end up happening.

Anyway ... I'm still plowing through both LJFL backlog and LibraryThing stuff (they just added groups, and I started a half a dozen, and already belong to ten or so). You really should go check that out if you have a book fetish!

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