BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not a bad day ...

First of all, we just got back from Dojo, and Daughter #1 got promoted to her Purple Belt! This means she just has 4 belt promotions to go (12 in all, with "stripe" promotions), to get her Black Belt (Degerberg has three separate degrees of Brown Belt, so students end up "parked" at Brown for quite a while). If everything goes well, and we can get her there for all her classes, and she does as well as she has been doing, she should be eligible for her Black Belt in just about two years, so there's still a decent chance she'll get that while still in the Kid's program! How cool is that?

The other "not bad" thing that happened today was that my interview at the Japanese Restaurant went very well, and I really do think that I will be being called in for training very soon. They're only needing somebody on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays right now, but in combination with the Hotel gig, I should be fairly busy, if not raking in mad cash (i.e., a restaurant bartender is not doing the sort of volume that a "bar" bartender is doing, so my tips are likely to be moderate). I find it ironic that none of this bartending stuff surfaced until I gave up on it and moved on to the "back to trying to get a professional gig" process. I really do try not to be bitter, but I still am most of the time.

Aside from that it was something like 100° around here today (with humidity pushing the "feels like" number much higher), so, needless to say, it was not fun having to run around to these various appointments ... good thing that the results didn't suck or it would have been a major downer!

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