BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Did you hear the one about ...

I don't know ... I have now had two of the various career coaches that I've met with down at the Career Transitions Center out of the blue suggest that I do standup! I haven't done/said/indicated/intimated anything along those lines, so they're obviously just going by my pacing, delivery, gestures and facial expressions. How weird.

I've never seriously considered comedy as even an avocation, because most of the time I find myself having to explain my jokes ... which is never a good sign. But this has me thinking. I mean, I've seen Ron White break it down on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour ... "This is as hard as I work all day!" as he takes another swig of scotch ... and that concept does have its allure!

I suppose I could "work on my material" whilst bartending ... and then see about forcing myself to endure some "open mic" club things ... hmmmmmmmmm

Oh, speaking of mics ... I've come up with a little link graphic to use when I start to do "readings" to go with my poems (oh, c'mon ... you can't wait!). I've been messing around with the transparancy and stuff and figured I'd just drop it in here to see what it looked like ... the link doesn't go anywhere at the moment.


Hmmm ... may have to tweak the concept a bit ... if I throw it into a little table I'd be able to position it wherever on the page.

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