BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yawwwn ...

Well, went over to the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Solstice all-night thing ... eventually saw ArtVamp's friend U's film (would have seen in MUCH earlier had they put the right tape in!), but didn't see her. Of course there were a zillion people there (I was, frankly, surprised at the size of the crowd). I was there for about 3 hours ... we'll probably take The Girls over there this afternoon as well.

I think I found a new ISP ... I guess I'll let switch me to Earthlink for next month but then move to this other one ... it isn't (of course) going to fix my problem with the e-mail, but at least it's a better package than Earthlink.

Got a poem done today ... I was doing really well with writing for a while there and then nothing for a week. Oh well ...

                    HERE FALLEN SO FAR

                    a split of line
                    a vector shattered
                    fragmented focus
                    which can not aim
                    to reach these goals
                    in all things lost
                    and all points broken
                    in days of downward drift

                    infectious haze
                    consumes the world
                    we slip from tasks
                    and into void
                    no healing sleep
                    but clouding dark
                    a distant frame
                    not far away

                    this weakness sweeps
                    away all pretense
                    all illusion of plan
                    intent means nothing
                    when floating vague
                    through realms of grey
                    desire seeds nothing
                    in drained resolve

                    too many wishes
                    too many dreams
                    none have basis
                    within the real
                    only our fears
                    and nightmares spun
                    of unrelenting pain
                    here manifest

                    in perfect worlds
                    in perfect worlds
                    so many things
                    we would achieve
                    so many purposes
                    we would fulfil
                    but this is not a perfect world
                    just a zone of endless ache

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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