BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hey, kids ... It's MEME TIME!

Yes, caught this one from gushgush ...

"Reply and I'll give you a letter. You have to find five songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal."

I was given an "M" ... here's my list (alphabetically, since I'm obsessive/compulsive that way):
          Makes No Sense At All - Hüsker Dü
          More - Sisters of Mercy
          Muscle In Plastic - Bauhaus
          My Name Is Legion - Electric Hellfire Club
          Mystery Plane - The Cramps

          Bonus Track:
          My Way - The Sex Pistols (OK, so Sinatra got there first)

Now, wasn't that fun? Don't you want to play along? Is anybody out there?

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