BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

An amazing piece out of Lebanon ...

This was excerpted in ernunnos's journal, and linked back to another journal which had copied the full piece (which details how minimal and surgical the attacks on Beirut have been) ... this is my favorite part:
Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I pray that no one puts an end to the Israeli attack before it finishes shattering the terrorists. I pray that the Hebrew soldiers will penetrate all the hidden recesses of southern Lebanon and will hunt out, in our stead, the vermin that has taken root there. Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I have put the champagne ready in the refrigerator to celebrate the Israeli victory.
Reports like this really underscore how anti-American, anti-Western, hell, anti-Civilization the MSM and the Left has become ... the thought that there are folks "rooting for Hezbollah" just to oppose Bush makes me feel I live amid mad dogs!

And, we know how mad dogs should be handled, don't we?

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