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More, more ... you're still not satisfied! ... right?

Well, today was one of those very frustrating days where I had a whole hell of a lot on my "To Do" list, but was unable (largely through the fault of others) to actually get any of it done. I even went all the way down to the CTC, thinking that I'd get at least ONE thing off of the list of stuff I need to have done for the event on Thursday evening, but the folks that I needed to get stuff from were either not there or didn't have the lists, etc., that I need ready yet. I left there in a huff (well, actually I took the bus), and went over to Office Depot, figuring that it wouldn't be a wasted trip downtown if I could get The Girls' schools supplies, but they were already OUT of most of the "specific" stuff on the list, which got me further pissed off. Sooooooo ....

I went and got my hair cut. And I transcribed six more old poems (getting me caught up, I believe, with all the bits and pieces lurking untyped in my little notebooks) ... these from 2004. Now, since I'm endeavoring to do this "audio thing", it takes A LOT MORE TIME to get stuff up here, so instead of blasting out six poems all in one post, I'm going to "dribble" them out as I do recordings of me reading them. Unfortunately, tonight I was not in the best voice, so this is a bit "croakier" than usual, but, hey ... it's another audio poetic treat!

                    POINTLESS ROUNDS OF PAIN

                    stuck in decay
                    we have no escape
                    we replicate cycles
                    of useless effort,
                    orbit through zones
                    of anguish, despair,
                    and on to destruction
                    in endless descent
                    frozen dreams
                    all return,
                    passing again
                    through rote recital,
                    repeated scenes
                    which only change
                    slowly, subtly,
                    in slight detail
                    the horror folds
                    in on the eye;
                    we can not be here,
                    not in this cage,
                    not in these chains,
                    not beset by madness
                    within and without,
                    darker and dire
                    the broken line,
                    the unwhole beam;
                    we scatter, shift,
                    fade and fracture,
                    lost in pointless
                    rounds of pain,
                    cruel and ugly,
                    void and vain
                    ever down,
                    ever ill,
                    eternities spent
                    in sinking depth,
                    lower, colder,
                    crushing tight,
                    smothering closeness,
                    murdering mass

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2004 by Brendan Tripp


Even though these .mp3 files are small compared to their .wav equivalents, I'm probably going to fill up my WebLogImages storage real fast (given what I have parked there now and my available storage, I only have room for another 30 of these) ... so I'm thinking I'm going to have to go snag their "permanent" account deal while it's still available ... unless L.J. expands its "scrapbook" to include audio files.

I'm still messing around with how these get from my face to the file ... I downloaded the Audacity program that felinoid suggested and used it to record this. While it's a sweet program for editing and stuff, it exports .mp3 files that are just about as big as the .wav versions, so I ended exporting as a .wav and then converting it over in Windows Sound Recorder (which makes .mp3 files that are about 4% of the size of their source .wav files!). However, I'm hearing some "ringing" on this, which makes me think I'm going to have to do some compression (cutting off the spikes) if I'm going to go that route. I'm pretty sure there's something in one of those two programs that should take care of that.

One thing I found wryly amusing was how similar the imagery in this poem was to that of the previous one, despite being written 26 months apart ... I guess you could say I keep an even emotional keel ... even if it's dragging along the bottom of some oceanic trench!

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