BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Anybody know WordPerfect better than me? I'm stumped on something ...

OK ... I'm trying to get to the point of having a .pdf file for a 2x3' poster. I don't have Acrobat (I mean, aside from the reader, of course). WordPerfect lets you save things as .pdf files, so I'm trying to generate a 2x3' poster there.

Now, I'm able to select the "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" as the active printer (so to avoid page-size limitations with my inkjet's definitions), and create in Page Setup a 24x36" "poster" Page Definiton. However, when I select that definition the screen defaults back to an 8.5x11" sheet.

I don't think I have any other programs which would allow me to output a .pdf file (which is what Kinko's needs to print this), but I'm stumped for other things to try to get this to work in WordPerfect.

Anybody have any suggestions????


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