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I was amazed at what a difficult read this Ann Coulter book was for me. While I had loved her preceding books Treason and Slander, this one sort of blind-sided me. Perhaps this is due to both of those books being "exposés" of particular Leftist perfidies ... while this was a walk though recent history ... over much of which I'd managed to build up some emotional scar tissue.

As such, reading How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter was a bit like going to one of those awful post-accident physical therapy sessions where they pull apart the places where you've "healed wrong" so that the parts can end up where they're supposed to be. I found myself getting angry over and over and over again, as Ann opened up old psychic wounds. Not that I was getting mad at her, mind you ... but at the likes of the Klintons (and their various vile henchlings), the terror-apologists, the execrable MSM, and all the "fellow travelers" of the Leftist ilk. I can't believe that I had nearly forgotten why I hated Bubba & Hitlery so much ... I guess having Islamofascists to worry about can make you remiss in watching your back against equally deadly enemies on the home front!

That being said, however, this is (like nearly all of Ann's books) "a breath of fresh air" in an all-too PC world. Ann is constantly manifesting the little kid that blurts out "but the Emperor has no clothes!", while throwing a gleefully harsh light on the willful lies, dark subterfuges, and evil intents of our "enemies foreign and domestic". I often worry that the history of our era will be written in the smarmy, duplicitous terms of the current media and educational cabals, and hope that somebody out there will create hundreds of "time capsules" in which to store Ann's books for future generations so that one voice of sanity might reach out and say "the Left destroyed everything of value, and it didn't used to be this way". Frankly, I wish that EVERY "liberal" would sit down and actually read Ann's books with the hope that some of them might come to have "a conversion experience" away from the neo-Stalinist sinkhole.

Of course, this brings me to my one quibble with Ms. Coulter. Christianity "ain't all that and a bag of chips", honey! The fact that she has found a fairy-tale that makes her happy is swell, but the world does NOT necessarily come down to a Christian/moral-less dichotomy. One can be a moral, upstanding, name-your-virtue, human being without having to believe that a Universal Deity chose a particular tribe in a particular region of a particular planet out of all of creation for special blessings, and then embodied Itself into a hominid shell to "save" said special bipeds from some vaguely-defined mythological inherited transgressions (seriously, when you strip Christianity down to its key elements, it sounds more loony than the Heaven's Gate cult!). Not that her theological bias comes into play much in this book (unlike, as I understand it, her most recent volume), it is an on-going "point of contention" that keeps me from becoming a 100% fawning fanboy.

All caveats aside, do pick up a copy of How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) ... it is witty, insightful, caustic, brilliant, and exasperating ... and an unsubtle nudge to those of us in our "Right minds". This is, of course, still in print, so you could find it at your local bookstore ... Amazon, however, has it at ten bucks off of cover price at the moment, and their new/used vendors have "like new" copies for around five bucks ... a small price to pay for having one's eyes opened (again) to the twisted nature of our current world!

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