BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More multi-media poetry goodness!

OK, so I've been "sitting on" a bunch of poems that I got transcribed a week or so back, but haven't had a chance to sit down and do a reading until now. Unfortunately, allergy season is in full swing, so I'm not in ideal voice. I did get another one done, however, and here it is ...

                    OUR PERVASIVE FEAR

                    an outer circle
                    sprouting talons,
                    an inner cycle
                    burned dark with fire
                    fueled by absence,
                    sparked of void,
                    and seismic changes
                    in these nights
                    driven vectors,
                    no volition,
                    we are herded
                    to these zones,
                    we wait for tides
                    to shift positions,
                    strange attractors
                    these orbits move
                    all at once
                    the oceans empty,
                    all at once
                    the need refills,
                    hearts once dead
                    resume their beating
                    frantic, panicked,
                    full of dread
                    this scintillating
                    jewel-like matrix
                    fools the eye,
                    slaves the mind;
                    within motion
                    an isolation,
                    within the flow
                    unseen decline
                    abruptly anguish
                    tinges sight,
                    the days are colored
                    vile shades of doubt,
                    the core collapses
                    crushing faith,
                    leaving naught but
                    our pervasive fear

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2004 by Brendan Tripp


By the way ... it looks like there is a way to use that Gizmo service to upload pre-recorded things to the L.J. phone post number. I got a slightly snippy note from the Gizmo help desk about "that's not what it's intended for", but they did tell me that if I set it up as a "broadcast" (but just sending to the one number), I can upload a file (although I think they specified a .wav, which would be huge). I just wish L.J. would make it easier by letting us park audio files in ScrapBook (as a Permanent Account, I get 10gigs of storage in there, which I'd really like to use!).

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Tags: audio, poetry
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