BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I love nice slow days on eBay ...

Woot! I just got 10 CDs for $12.55 (including shipping) from "JayAndMarie" over on eBay! These are the folks who start all their CD and DVD auctions at a penny (and do huge volume, they have the #4 most feedback points on eBay, and close something like 20,000 auctions a month), and on nice slow days on eBay, you can snag quite a few goodies at 1¢ ... as a matter of fact, of that $12.55 only 10¢ was for product ... the rest is shipping ($3.45 for the first item, $1 each additional if you request Media Mail).

Of course, "popular" stuff is not likely to go for a penny ... but if you pull up Amazon's listings for the "who are these guys?" albums, you can typically give them a listen (well, 30 seconds at a go) before bidding ... and I generally find that I'll bid on about 1 out of 3 things that I look at after sampling them on Amazon. Of course, it does help if one has some odd tastes ... I got 4 "world music", 2 "industrial/trance", and 4 "assorted rock" albums today. I did get out-bid twice (on a couple of other "world" albums), but I'll survive. Sure, with shipping it's a bit more than what I'd pay at the dollar store ($1.26 each as opposed to $1.10), but there is a hell of a lot better selection via "JayAndMarie" and I can check out what the acts sound like (courtesy Amazon). Ah, I just love a deal!

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