BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Owwww ...

Oy ... my back is killing me. My right knee isn't particularly happy with me either.

However, I got through the bartending gig tonight just fine. It's an intense, but limited, gig ... get there at 4pm, do an hour and a half of set-up, spend a frantic two hours of non-stop drink making, then like an hour of clean-up. Since it's a free bar in the hotel lobby, folks are shovelling tips at you. If all these bartending gigs were like this I'd be less pissy about how that whole thing was going. I probably should have jumped at the chance when one of the managers wanted to know if I wanted the job full-time back when I was doing this in June, but at that point I still "wasn't clear on the concept" of how little I actually was getting paid from the temp agency, or, for that matter, how infrequent "tipping gigs" would come my way. I did make it clear to the new evening manager that I would be happy to fill in anytime they were short a bartender, and he reminded me that they did specifically request me for tonight (the other bartender said that they'd used somebody else from the temp agency a week ago and were not very happy with him).

I am rather looking forward to dragging my butt into bed very soon here.

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