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Well ... everything else is sucking beyond belief, but AT LEAST there seems to be progress being made on the poetry front. As anybody who has paid ANY attention to my blitherings in this journal knows, I have been promising a big poetry site to premier "any day now" for a long time. Heck, I even have a CafePress store with stuff for it! Anyway ... I "lost" the format that I'd initially done on this (a year or so back), so started all over on it ... I now have a pretty well functioning calendar blank (with June's poems) and a blank for each poem ... I think as soon as I get my new ISP thing going I'll start putting things up. I haven't designed the top levels yet, but once I get at least the directory structure in place (stupid shit like moving all the component graphics into a /graphics sub-directory so all the pages can pull from the same place .. which of course means re-writing all the links on all the pages I have now) I'll throw up a link or two here so people can mock me. Oh, what fun.

So, today we took Daughter #2 to the hospital again. They said that there wasn't much they could do at this point for the cut (which ... if you weren't taking notes ... had been stitched up last Tuesday, had the stitches out on Saturday, and had popped open again on Sunday) since it was well on the way to healing on its own ... of course, this means that she has a MUCH bigger chance of having a nasty scar on her face than if this had not popped open ... but they told us to come in today instead of on Sunday when it happened. Anyway, The Wife and I grabbed some lunch at Aladdin's (a funky little middle-eastern place) on Lincoln, let #2 play in Oz Park for a while, and then went down to collect Daughter #1 from school. I convinced The Wife to come along to the Dojo with us, so it was one big family outing. A lot of those this week ... Monday was much like that too with us doing a "low-key" celebration of The Wife's birthday. I think The Wife liked her birthday ... I was very worried because of our current money issues ... but she seemed happy with the loot provided!

I did manage to get a poem written today around all this other stuff. Aren't you lucky that you get to read it hot off the keyboard ...

                    THE STATUS OF FOUL WORLDS

                    an absolute
                    with entireties
                    written under
                    scribed within
                    vast expanses
                    there encoded
                    across the stars and sky

                    we are trapped
                    in the chain-bound world
                    where masses sleep
                    and ancient gears
                    run in machines
                    of rote and repetition
                    dimness and delusion
                    dullness and despair

                    the days fly by
                    nothing that we do
                    builds anything
                    we are beset with chaos
                    as systems falter
                    and structures fail
                    all slipping to decay
                    no matter how we strive

                    no promise lingers
                    no hope survives
                    we struggle on
                    more out of habit
                    than part of any plan
                    we do not know
                    how not to battle
                    how to lay down and die

                    and in this world
                    it's only dying
                    which seems to offer sense
                    all other routes
                    are barricaded
                    all other options
                    long since destroyed
                    by enemies unseen

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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