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never volunteer ...

So, I missed ONE "unofficial" meeting over the summer, and suddenly discover that I'm the new 1st Vice President of the PTA at The Girls' school! Plus, because I was asking "such good questions" and coming up with "great ideas" last year on the program, I also got volunteered to be the new point person on the "Entertainment Books" fund raiser. I was over at the school all day today on the latter project (which I will note got done and out a day earlier than scheduled). Those books should fly out the door this year, though, because they have a super promo program that they're testing in the Chicago market ... buy the big discount book for $20.00 and immediately get a $25.00 gift certificate to any of 6,000 restaurants ... heck, if folks don't do anything else they're $5 up on the book with just that!

I missed out on Toastmasters last night because it was the building's end-of-summer Pool Party. The Girls really wanted to go, but The Wife wouldn't indulge them, so it was either I take them or they would have been very disappointed (my schedule often ends up working like this, as The Wife is SO anti-social, that if The Girls want to, for instance, go to a birthday party, I'm pretty much going to have to take them or they won't be able to go). I did have a good experience with the other Toastmasters group, though, on Tuesday ... so I probably will end up taking all month to really decide which of the three clubs in the neighborhood I want to join (I still haven't been to the twice-a-month group yet).

Still no news on any of the job fronts. I kind of hope I might have a couple of "random hotel gigs" this weekend too, but it's hard to predict that, since the two last weekend were like the first that came up in six weeks or so.

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