BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It's not Schadenfreude, it's just ... justification!

Yes, my Cubs have been in free-fall down to the very basement of the National League, but reading the sports pages in the morning have not been depressing! Why, you might ask? Well, as long as the hated White Sox keep lagging back in both their division and in the wild card race, it's a GOOD DAY!

You have to understand how insufferable the White Sox fans are ... a trait not muted by their team winning it all last year. However, even with a World Series victory, the Sox have popularity numbers just under the Cubs and Bears ... when in a "normal" year, they're down with the hockey and soccer teams. Basically, they'd have a more solid fan base if they had moved to Sarasota like they were supposed to.

What I (and every other true-blue Cubs fan) am hoping for is that the Sox don't even make the play-offs this year. I wonder how the blow-hards from the south side will justify their numbers taking a plunge back down to near minor-league levels, after having their big win making them "almost as popular" as my struggling Cubbies!

Call it Schadenfreude if you must, but it's more wishing for a bitch-slap for the ever-obnoxious fans of "that other team"!

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