BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another Toastmasters ...

Well, tried another Toastmasters club tonight ... this was the oldest in Chicago (been meeting for 60 years), but I was unimpressed ... even speakers who had been involved for 15 years were um-ing and ah-ing through their talks, stuff that in the other clubs would have only been heard from the rawest of new members! I was especially unimpressed with the speech of one of the officers (who I regret to say is an area official), who did a 9/11 talk that would have been best recieved at a Socialist Workers Party meeting (or the equivalent bunch of treasonous scum). Needless to say, this club is off my list for sure!

Oh, speaking of 9/11 messages ... THIS is one you should check out! It's a bit over the top ... but today's a good day for hating the enemy. For a less venomous (but equally agreeable) screed on 9/11, do check out this much-linked-to posting, if you haven't already (it's been in several posts on my FL this evening).

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