BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

Well, I'm glad I dragged myself out in the rain at 8am to go to that job fair. There weren't that many places for me to talk to (they very handily had signs up for each vendor to list what sort of jobs they were filling), but I hit about 4 with my resumes and had a couple of very good chats. Especially one ... this was a medical publisher which had something like six openings for which I'd be plausible, ranging from various editor/writer positions to web manager, etc. ... however, in talking with their Marketing guy, he was very excited about my resume and asked if I could come up to their offices next week to meet with him to discuss their Marketing Manager position! It seems that they are still "defining" this position and he seemed to think that the (usually inconvenient) "breadth" of my resume was a great advantage that they could best make use of by possibly tailoring the gig to me! Now, nothing may come of this (I don't even have an actual appointment at this point, just the guy's contact info), but it was really great to have somebody excited about the complexity of my resume rather than having me have to "tap dance" around it!

Due to my getting down to Soldier Field early (which was good, since even at 8:45 there was a line around the stadium for the 9am start) and the sign thing where I didn't have to waste time with places that weren't looking for "my type", I got out of there a lot earlier than I thought, so didn't have to panic about making my 11:45 appointment (where they loved the way I'd labeled my CD of photos and files, so much so that they want me to replicate it for all the promo presentation CDs they're going to be sending out!). In fact, I had time to chat with my 1pm appointment, explaining that I'd probably be late, and so wasn't feeling too bad in only catching the last half of that hour-and-a-half meeting. I also discovered that I'd forgotten a 2:30 appointment, which also went well ... but I was dragging by the time I got home!

I'm off for another job fair in the morning, but at least tomorrow that's not followed up by a zillion other things.

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