BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

ow, ow, ow, ow, ow ...

Got up early this morning (*if you want it to sound like a Blues song, feel free to insert dum, duum, dum, duumm randomly between sentence fragments) and started moving furniture (*) we're shifting around Daughter #2's room (*) to incorporate a new computer desk (*). I did this for about 3 hours (*) before heading off to take The Girls up to Dojo (*) followed by a couple more hours (*) of hanging out at the Lincoln Square Apple Fest (*). Both of The Girls wanted (*) some new Fimo clay (*) so we took the Brown Line down to Chicago (*) to go to Pearl Art Supply (*). They were shooting a movie (*) right there at the tracks (*) with a big boom over the el stop (*) with a rain-making rig and various lights (*). We picked up their clay (*) and walked about a mile and a half home (*). I laid down to rest (*) and ended up sleeping until dinner (*) which brings me to now (*) and I'm aching like hell (*) and don't think I'm going (*) to move more stuff tonight (*). Aren't you glad that you asked (*) ... except that you didn't.

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