BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

oh, and ...

While we're on the subject of my favorite sports teams ...

I was for a while flipping the remote back and forth between the Cubs and the Bears, and it seemed like every time I flipped over to the Cubs game it was still the first inning and the Cubs were still up to bat. Well, it turns out that the Cubbies sent 10 men to the plate in the first inning, scoring 7 runs (including a HR for our pitcher) ... where the heck was all this run production the rest of the season??? They ended up winning 11-3, with the Reds' 3 runs all coming in the 9th (i.e. Zambrano, coming back from being banged up, had a quality shut-out start).

What's even better, the White Sox lost again, slipping farther back ... they're now 5 out of the division race and 4 behind for the Wild Card slot! At this point it would take nearly a miracle for them to catch up with only a dozen games remaining (although, admittedly, five of those are against the teams they're chasing). It would be so sweet to have the southsiders go from World Chumps Champs to out of the playoffs entirely ... it would hopefully shut up a lot of their asshole fans and get the "wagon jumpers" to put away the black jerseys!

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