BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

maaaaaaannn ...

Oh, shit ... I just fucking hate it when this sort of crap happens.

I'm helping the CTC put together some promo CDs from the event last month, and I just got done printing up disc labels and covers for the cases ... only to realize that I had a GLARING TYPO in the text. What a pain in the ass. Thank the gods for dollar store (pack of 30 for a buck) CD labels!

I guess I'm starting over on this now.

Whoa ... I'd fucked those up worse than I thought. The typo was a hold-over from what I had thought at the time was just a "quick and dirty" cover for the disc of files/photos that I was bringing in ... the folks down there, though, thought it was fabulous (I guess they missed the extra "s" in "Transitions" too) and wanted me to replicate it for the promo CDs they're going to be pulling together.

Well, when I got into re-doing the CD labels I discovered that I had also screwed up the line order (I was wrapping text along concentric circles, and did the wrong line on the wrong circle), so the title on the label was screwy. However, in re-doing it, I also "solved" an alignment problem I was having before, so the resulting labels look a lot better than the otrhers that I had to trash. It certainly is a lot less painful throwing out 2/3 of a pack of labels when they only are $1/pack. I'll have to snag some more of those (if they're still there) the next time I'm up at the dollar store!

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