BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wish me luck ...

Well ... that medical publisher that I got in contact with last week at the job fair? They e-mailed me last night to see if I would be available for a 2pm phone interview about the Marketing Manager position today!

I am very very nervous about this at the moment, but it was good that I had a morning appointment down at the CTC to thrash through this with my Job Coach there. This could be an ideal job, pulling together my P.R., publishing, I.T., and even meeting planning (they do like 16 conferences a year) experience. Heck, I'm even able to draw on my Network Marketing background in preventative healthcare products! Pretty much everything but my "metaphysical" expertise (unless they're planning on putting out a "Shamanic" line). Plus, it is likely to pay very well ... the median for a "Marketing Manager" gig in the area is about 3x what I was seeing for a starting salary for new programmers ... and it would be very nice to be in a gig that paid well and had solid benefits (this does).

The only downside is that it's not working from home (or a few blocks from home), but I guess I'm spoiled that way ... it would be an easy commute on the El.

So, say a prayer, light a candle, do some good ju-ju ... because I'm going to need it ... in the six years that I've been on-and-off looking for a job, this is the FIRST "serious" interview I've had, so I'm both excited and terrified!

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